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AllStars Medical Billing

Billing is an essential part of every medical practice, and when left in best hands, your staff and medical professionals can focus on the most important aspects of the practice - patient care. AllStars has been helping healthcare providers in maximizing their collection stream, reducing extra expenses and streamlining the business workflow with the most highly experienced billing providers. AllStars Medical Billing Solutions is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution geared towards more than 50 Specialtiesthroughout the United States.

Why Us?

We believe that healthcare providers should focus on patients and providing excellent services, and should not have to worry about claims, payments and patient statements. At AllStars, we leverage our smart workflow which focuses on doing things right the first time, every time, while identifying and eliminating the root cause of most billing errors and other mistakes.

Business Growth

Work Excellence

Every person on our team has a minimum of 5 years of medical billing and client management experience. Most of this time was spent working in executive-level positions. You will find very few medical billing companies with such a claim!

Quick Reimbursements

With our expertise we can very quickly achieve more for you in less time. We have no beginners in our team that must learn at your expense. This means less overhead for us and more reimbursement for you at lower cost.

High First Acceptance Ratio

Our monthly first pass claim acceptance rate across all of our customers has consistently averaged 98%, which is 3% higher than the industry average!

Controlled Monthly Denials

Our monthly denial rate is less than 10% across all of our customers which is better than the industry average!

3rd Party Platforms

We have hands-on expertise with almost all the industry top medical billing software platforms. This means we can get you started without any delay.

All Specialties

Our team has proven skills in Institutional Billing, Professional Billing, DME, Emergency Room, Out-of-Network and Laboratory Billing.

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