AllStars Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Solutions

Our purpose is to offer a comprehensive range of revenue-related services essential for the smooth operation of medical practices. We understand that your primary focus is delivering high-quality patient care. However, tasks such as insurance verification, payer credentialing, medical billing, accounts receivable follow-up, appeals for unpaid claims, and revenue management are all vital components of managing a medical business.

Moreover, we recognize the constant changes in billing codes, insurance requirements, and payer policies, which can be exceedingly time-consuming for healthcare practitioners and facilities to keep up with while maintaining their operations.

That’s where we come in! For more details about our services tailored to your specific area of specialization, please click on one of the links below:

Credentialing specialists assist healthcare providers in enrollment, ensuring insurance reimbursement eligibility. We offer comprehensive credentialing solutions for all practices.

With the help of our certified medical coding specialists working on your project, your claim denial rate is significantly reduced. Our coders use the best-in-class coding tools and resources available in the industry

AllStars can handle any specialty including laboratories and DMEs. Our experts send error free applications to insurances and do proper follow-up till the case is closed.

Verification of Benefits

Our Insurance Benefits Verification Services provide healthcare providers with a hassle-free way to confirm patient insurance coverage and eligibility.

Prior Authorization Services

Our Prior Authorization Services take the complexity out of obtaining insurance approvals for medical procedures and treatments. We simplify the process for healthcare providers, ensuring you get the necessary authorizations efficiently.

Patient Billing

Our Patient Billing Services are designed to make healthcare billing transparent, efficient, and stress-free for both patients and healthcare providers