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Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is the process of sending bills to health insurance companies to get paid for healthcare services. A medical billing specialist’s job is to make sure the healthcare provider gets paid for the work they do. A good biller can help the healthcare facility earn more money. 

If your medical practice is facing challenges with billing and revenue management, there’s a solution. AllStars Medical Billing offers tailored medical billing services that cater to practices of all sizes and specialties. Our goal is to transform the billing process for small practices, making it more efficient, compliant, and less stressful. Through our reliable system, we guarantee precise coding, reducing errors, and optimizing revenue.

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98% clean claim acceptance

Welcome to AllStars, where excellence meets efficiency in healthcare claims processing. We take immense pride in our remarkable 98% clean claim acceptance rate, setting new standards in the industry. Choose AllStars for a smoother, more efficient claims experience. Your success is our priority, and our 98% clean claim acceptance rate reflects our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

8% Monthly denials

Enhancing Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle with AllStars - Only 8% Monthly Denials
AllStars - Your trusted partner for efficient revenue cycle management and a remarkably low 8% monthly denials rate. Let us help you unlock your practice's full financial potential.

96% electronic claim submission

"AllStars - Your 96% Electronic Claim Submission Solution"
Choose AllStars for a hassle-free, efficient electronic claim submission experience. Your success is our priority, and our 96% electronic claim submission rate reflects our unwavering commitment to providing you with the best possible service.

99% Credentialing Success

"AllStars: Unlocking Success with a 99% Credentialing Achievement"
With AllStars as your credentialing partner, you gain access to a team of experts who meticulously navigate the complex world of credentialing. We work diligently to ensure your applications are processed without errors and that your providers can seamlessly participate in insurance networks, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

96% Bank Direct Deposit

"AllStars: Your 96% Success Rate in Bank Direct Deposits"
Select AllStars for a dependable, efficient bank direct deposit experience. Your financial well-being is our priority, and our 96% success rate underscores our dedication to providing you with the best possible service. With AllStars, you can trust that your bank direct deposits will be processed smoothly and securely, allowing you to maintain your focus on your business.

10% - 15% Practice Growth

"AllStars: Fueling Your Practice Growth
Experience significant practice growth with AllStars. Our proven strategies have consistently delivered impressive results, ranging from 10% to 15%. Partner with us to unlock your practice's full potential and embark on a journey to lasting success."

10Y Avg. Team Experience

"AllStars: 10-Year Average Team Experience
At AllStars, our team boasts an impressive 10-year average experience. With a decade of expertise, we provide you with seasoned professionals who understand the industry inside out. Trust us to bring unparalleled knowledge and skill to your healthcare needs."

95% Electronic Payments

"AllStars: Your 95% Electronic Payments Partner
Experience the efficiency and reliability of AllStars with our outstanding 95% electronic payments success rate. We ensure your financial transactions are processed seamlessly and securely, helping you streamline your operations and stay on top of your finances."

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Fast Filing

When you provide a service, it’s crucial to submit the claims promptly. Managing fluctuating claim volumes and ensuring timely submissions can be a challenge for in-house staff. At AllStars Medical Billing, our experienced team excels at filing claims within 48 hours in most cases. We leverage cutting-edge technology to gather precise information and expedite the claim process.

Boosting Revenue for Better  Patient Care

Increased Revenue

Get maximum reimbursements & increase your revenue up to 30%

High Volume Claims Submissions

Utilizing our innovative technology, we are able to process thousands of error-free claims daily.

Compliance with Privacy Requirements

Data transmission and encryption designed by top-level security specialists.