Credentialing & Enrollment

Reduce the Complexity of Credentialing

AllStars can handle any specialty including laboratories and DMEs. Our experts send error free applications to insurances and do proper follow-up till the case is closed. Our first time application acceptance ratio is 98%. We can assist you in setting up your setups with insurance companies for electronic claims submissions, rejections, eligibility, payment information, denials and fund transfer.

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Our Credentialing Services

Primary Source Verification

We conduct Primary Source Verification for credentialing, including board certification, license, and hospital privileges checks, ensuring accuracy and reliability directly from the source.

Management of Documents

Efficiently manage and securely store healthcare provider documents, including certifications and licenses, for streamlined access and regulatory compliance by using Allstars secure credentialing management system.

NPI Registration

AllStars streamlines NPI Registration for both Type 1 (individuals) and Type 2 (organizations), ensuring efficient and accurate identification in healthcare billing.

CAQH Profile Management/Reattestation

AllStars excels in CAQH Profile Management and Reattestation, ensuring hassle-free maintenance of accurate healthcare provider information.

Credentialing & Network Enrollment Analysis

AllStars offers expert Credentialing and Network Enrollment Analysis, ensuring accuracy and compliance for streamlined provider enrollment.

Revalidation and Re-credentialing

AllStars manages the crucial processes of Revalidation and Re-credentialing, ensuring that healthcare providers maintain current and compliant credentials for continued participation in healthcare networks.

Weekly Follow Up

AllStars conducts proactive weekly follow-ups with insurance companies, ensuring timely approvals and efficient processing to meet your needs.

Credentialing Audit

AllStars offers on-demand Credentialing Audits, ensuring a thorough and timely examination of credentials to maintain compliance and accuracy for healthcare providers.

IPA Enrollment

AllStars streamlines IPA (Independent Practice Association) Enrollment, providing efficient and effective services for healthcare providers to join and participate in independent practice associations.

Telehealth Credentialing

AllStars specializes in Telehealth Medicine Credentialing, ensuring healthcare providers are credentialed and compliant for telehealth services, facilitating seamless and secure virtual healthcare delivery.

EDI Setups

AllStars specializes in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Setups, ensuring efficient and accurate electronic communication for seamless data exchange between healthcare entities.

ERA Setup

AllStars excels in ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) Setups, offering seamless solutions for healthcare entities to streamline and optimize the electronic processing of payment information.

EFT Enrollment

AllStars specializes in EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Enrollment, streamlining the process for healthcare providers to efficiently receive electronic payments, enhancing financial transactions in the healthcare industry.