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AllStars Medical Coding Services: Precision in Healthcare Documentation

Welcome to AllStars Medical Coding Services, your trusted partner for precision and accuracy in healthcare documentation. Our expert team ensures that every code is meticulously and accurately assigned, allowing you to optimize your revenue while maintaining compliance with industry regulations. Trust us to elevate your coding standards and streamline your healthcare operations with AllStars.

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Certified Medical Coders

With the help of our certified medical coding specialists working on your project, your claim denial rate is significantly reduced. Our coders use the best in class coding tools and resources available in the industry

Coding Audits

Daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly audits is what distinguishes us from rest working in the same space. For our clients we offer scheduled and on-demand coding audits without any cost

Cost Effective

Using medical coding services is cost effective.

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Maximizing Your Reimbursement Potential

At AllStars Medical Coding Services, we understand that coding accuracy directly impacts your revenue, and we are committed to ensuring you receive the highest possible reimbursement. Efficiency is at the core of our coding process. Our coding team comprises highly efficient and seasoned professionals, each with a minimum of five years of experience.

When it comes to coding, we are vigilant about preventing two common errors:

  1. Up-coding (or over-coding), which often leads to claim denials.
  2. Down-coding, resulting in reimbursements that fall short of what you rightfully deserve.

Our certified coders (CPC) are well-versed in ICD-10-CM, LMRP, CPT Assistant, and HCPCS Level II. We meticulously cross-verify diagnoses with procedural codes, applying the appropriate modifiers when needed.

To ensure the utmost accuracy, our senior coding staff conducts audits to verify the codes assigned. Our dedicated quality assurance team goes the extra mile to guarantee that your coding is error-free, resulting in maximum reimbursement and minimizing, if not entirely eliminating, claim denials. With AllStars, you can trust in our expertise to optimize your revenue while maintaining coding precision.”